AwakeMaps was created to encourage the ‘Great Awakening’ by connecting awake people to their local Awake Groups. When we originally got together in a local group, we recognised how hard it can be in this current world, feeling alienated from society and not knowing there are MANY likeminded people near you. The awareness for these local groups and telegram needed to be improved. One of our founders came up with the idea of using a map, to list all the locations where awake groups could gather and network. It just so happened to be that there was someone else in the group who was willing to design the map and site. We came together first in February 2021 and the site was public by April 2021.

This is solely a Non-Profit site funded by ourselves and your donations. With additional funds we plan to add MORE International Groups to the World map.

With your help we could maintain funding for the map and quickly begin accepting links for other countries. Please consider supporting AwakeMaps and DONATING HERE 

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT – setting up your own local ‘Awake Group’?

The Awake community is expanding rapidly; it only takes a few minutes to create a Group (e.g. on Telegram) and add the group detail on AwakeMaps and let us freely advance your Group.


Let’s all get the ‘Great Awakening’ going.